The MacGuyver Bag

I have been saved by my MacGuyver Bag many times.

In case you didn't know already, MacGuyver was a TV character (I think they may have resurrected the original '80s era show a few years ago). Anyway, this guy was…

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My Nick Jonas Moment

I almost never have stage fright. In fact, the more people that are out in the crowd, the more energy I feel, and it rubs off on me, always in a good way. It loosens me up and makes me…

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Cashing In

There's a trend lately where musical artists are selling their entire music catalogues for huge money.  According to ABC News:

“In 2021, Bruce Springsteen reportedly sold his catalog to Sony for more than $500 million. Others capitalizing on the trend

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Desert Island Edition

Not that you asked for it, but here, in no particular order, is my list of ten “Desert Island” albums; the ones that could possibly keep me entertained enough to not have to talk to a soccer ball. Never mind…

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My Favorite Rock Star Quote

When it comes to classic rock, it's hard to beat AC/DC.  My favorite band?  Well, not exactly.  But I love their energy (pun intended), the fun they seem to be having on stage, and the sound and style of their…

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You've Been A Bad Monkey

One of the best things about being a guitar player is having access to effects pedals. They're interesting, colorful, they open up lots of new sounds, and if you know how to turn the knobs just right, they can really…

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Believe It Or Whatever

Strange but true! OK, not so strange actually, but I thought it was sorta weird: Early on Saturday afternoon, I was flipping through TV channels, and stumbled upon a golf tournament. I'm not a golfer (probably because I'm no good…

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Beck and Bacharach

Wow, two legends gone in one month.

Jeff Beck, one of my favorite guitar players, passed away in mid-January. He was one of those people that I assumed would be around forever; probably because he pushed the envelope, and was…

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New Year, New Me

Been seeing a lot of articles about "music royalty" lately.  There's Elvis, King of Rock and Roll.  Aretha Franklin, Queen of R&B.  James Brown, Godfather of Soul.  Many people with titles like those definitely deserve them.

But now I see…

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What's Better Than Bad Santa? Refried Santa!

Happy Holidays!  We've had quite a month here; let's just leave it at that. Due to several events out of my control (and a fair amount of exhaustion), I decided to find an easy way out of having to think…

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Unless you're a guitar nut, like me, these 3 guys are most likely not household names.  But they are some of my guitar heroes, and they deserve way more attention than they get.  Click these YouTube links and give them…

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Guitarioke (pronounced gih-tar-ee-oh-kee)

When I started out in 2014, I quickly found out that a lot of my preconceptions about performing were wrong.  One of them was my fear of using backing tracks.

More than once, I had heard other musicians use words…

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