Turn it Down!

I really love what I do.  Playing music is, by far, the best "job" I've ever had.  No one so lucky should ever complain.  So please forgive me for my second consecutive whiney post.  Anyway, here goes:

Guitar players, especially…

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Gigs From Hell - The French Disconnection

Any musician who's been out there long enough has horror stories of gigs that went wrong, and I'm no exception.

A few years ago, I got a call from a French-Canadian snowbird about playing a New Year's Eve party at…

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Porpoise Parody - "Hey Mr Dan Marino"

UPDATE (09Jan2022): Incredibly, after I posted this writeup and parody song, Miami won 8 of their last 9 games of the 2021 NFL season.  Maybe it's time to write a song for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I love college football.  NFL…

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The Worst Top 20 Of All Time

I've never really been in a successful band, though the first one, in high school, was by far the most fun. The fact is, I don't think I was ever meant to be in a band situation. It just seems…

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Totally Tubular, Brah

What is it about vacuum tubes?  Why would so many of us pay so much for for gear that has electronics that are modeled after 1940s-era technology?  Though it seems odd and outdated, most guitar players will swear that tube…

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Time-Life Music Collections Of the Future

We were watching one of those Saturday evening Time-Life audio collections on TV the other day (yes, I admit we do watch them sometimes) when they started playing tunes from lesser known bands like Mott The Hoople and Nazareth.  Though…

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Pilsners and Venturis

Cars used to be pretty simple, and as far as I ever knew, beer was just beer.  Both have changed a lot over the years.

One night way back when, a friend (hey, Ken) and I had a few cold…

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The FrankenGibson

I bought my first "real" guitar in 1976.  It's a '67 Gibson SG Standard, with a dark walnut finish (think Angus Young, Frank Zappa, Robby Kreiger and you get the picture).  The same year I bought it, I arrived at…

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The Lost Summer Of 1974


My parents brought my brother Jerry and me from Tallahassee to Central Florida in early June of '74.  Between the two of us, we had very little money, and no friends.  But we did have each other, and his '64…

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Album Trivia #3:  Gotta Get Better To Die

One night last year, I woke up in the dead of night (as often happened around that time) with music, lyrics and a catchy song title swirling around in my head, so I started jotting things down on my phone…

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