1. Florida Man

From the recording gettin' deep

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On a dark foggy mornin' in the Sunshine State
They cut me loose back in Nineteen Fitty-Eight
I usedta launch rockets to the Moon and the stars
But now I make a livin' pickin' on my guitars
Singin' bout skeeters, and hot muggy nights
n' "Cheeseburgers With Parasites"
The tourists talk about me, say I don't have a clue.
But when they're knee deep in snow, well who's smarter than who?

I'm a Florida Man
I'm playin' them one night stands
Cuz I'm a Florida Man

Well, I been grillin' and chillin' - possum on the half-shell, while my
Septic tank seeps into my Artesian well
A broken down motor and a satellite dish
With an ol' buzzard gnawin' on a walkin' catfish

They cut off my power cuz I'm four months behind
Then my generator 'sploded and I damn near died
And now a hurricane's comin', but don't bother warnin'
Cuz my trailer got swallered by a sinkhole this mornin'

I'm a Florida Man
Now I'm livin' in a cargo van
Yeah, I'm a Florida Man

Lemme pick this thang!


Alright, I'm fixin' ta learn ya!

Well now the sun's goin' down behind the Walmart sign
I wantcha all ta know I'm gonna be just fine
I lost the Winnebago, but I still got my van
And I'm playin' in a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band!

So I'm alright, yep, it's all good
I'm just an old country boy, I been misunderstood
It ain't near as bad as y'all make it appear
I'll see ya next winter when you're all down here!

You'll be a Florida Man
Le'ts all give him a hand
Cuz he's a Florida Man

He's a Florida Man
Layin' face down in the sand (Just look at him!)
With a beer in his hand

Yeah he's a Florida Man
Another damn Jimmy Buffett fan
He's a Florida Man