What's Better Than Bad Santa? Refried Santa!

Happy Holidays!  We've had quite a month here; let's just leave it at that. Due to several events out of my control (and a fair amount of exhaustion), I decided to find an easy way out of having to think of something creative for this month's Blog posting. So I'm recycling the song from my December 2020 posting. Copy, paste, done. Consider it musical Re-Gifting.

This song was an absurd (yet very fun to produce) thrashing of a Christmas classic that I recorded back in the 80s.  It's so bad it's...  OK it's just bad.

So please allow me to take a Mulligan on this month's posting.  I mean, after all, Bad Santa was a notorius slacker, so I should make it on his list by following in his lazy footsteps. Click HERE or all you get is coal.