Upcoming Events

Not a great month for music, obviously.  But a little short term pain can make you stronger; no worries.  The important thing here is that our entire country is (hopefully!) doing all the right things in "battening down the hatches" so that less of us will get sick.  So please do your part and be responsible with your actions during this time.

 Because my site visitors (all seven of you!) check in from time to time to see where I'm playing next, I'm posting my cancellations, rather than just deleting the gigs as they disappear, so people won't show up to an empty venue.  And by the way, please excuse the bad puns in the cancellation postings.  But I happen to believe that humor, even if it's crappy humor, is one way that we can all get through this awful thing.


(NOTE: Several of my calendar's events are fully pre-emptable, so feel free to ask about booking me --- even if I am already scheduled!)

Viral Venue Vanquisher! (CANCELLATION) - Long Doggers Cocoa Beach

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