Why Book Me?


There sure are a lot of musicians for hire these days; I know because I am one of the many!  We're all jockeying for the same work, at venues just like yours.  With this much competition, it's not always easy to try to stand out from the rest.

And the odds are that you don't want your business to be known as a place where people gather to listen to stale, forgettable music. I mean, why should you pay for entertainment that isn't, after all, very entertaining?

Hopefully, that's where I come in.

I'm a full-time musician, not a "weekend warrior".  So every time I perform, my reputation and future is literally on the line. Whenever and wherever I play, I give it my absolute best effort.

If you're a Club/Restaurant Manager or an Event Planner, please know that a growing list of satisfied owners, managers, event planners (and most importantly, customers!) will vouch for my skills, stage presence, and generally upbeat attitude. I’ve played everywhere from Mom and Pop style restaurants to poolside and lounge gigs at such high-profile hotels as the Biltmore in Coral Gables, the Doral National Resort in Miami, The Westin, Wyndham, Caribe Royale, and Renaissance Hotels in Orlando, The Sail Pavilion in Tampa, and the many Westgate Resorts all over the state of Florida.  Over 1400 successful events since 2014, from Gainesville to Islamorada.

But if you're a Private Individual hosting a party, this is possibly the first (and only) time you've ever considered parting with your hard earned cash to hire a musician. You could have looked for a DJ or simply streamed songs through a stereo. Instead, you wanted that certain vibe which you can only get from a live performer. But a bad experience with a hired musician will probably make you wish you had just gotten out the MP3 player!

I hope you'll make your choice of entertainment not only on local buzz or social media hits, but also on the performer's musicianship, professionalism, ability to hold an audience, and a proven, verifiable track record.

Thank you for considering me for your entertainment needs.  I will make every effort to ensure that your guests have a fun time and great music.  Because after all, it’s not “just another gig!”

Additional Booking Notes

I'll provide any or all necessary equipment: stands, mics, cabling, floor electronics, mixer, PA system, stage lighting and break music, if needed. All I need from you is a single power outlet and a postage-stamp sized (well, maybe a little bigger) area for myself.