Parrot-Head Parody

I've butchered the lyrics to quite a few songs over the years, even before there was a Weird Al Yankovich.  And as I had said in a previous post (see Hey Mr Dan Marino, from 18Nov2021), I plan to put some of them here on my website from time to time.  My favorite songs to parody are the ones that, as I call them, are "retreads".  Because, as great as many of those classic tunes are, they get played entirely too often by musical entertainers; at least around here they do.  Especially the TropRock stuff.

One in particular, Jimmy Buffet's biggest hit, was so much fun and so popular that it has unfortunately been covered more than any other; more than Mustang Sally, Brown-Eyed Girl or even Sweet Caroline!

So, as far as I was concerned, it was fair game.  Time for a Parrot-Head Parody.

Yep, what was once a song about getting drunk on your porch with some new ink and a lacerated foot is now a song about getting older and how difficult that can be.  As my dad used to say, "getting old is not for sissies".


Metamuciville (Sung to the lyrics of "Margaritaville", by Jimmy Buffett)

Lyrics - John Nugent


Nursin' a bad back 
Feelin' the bones crack 
Bifocal glasses; can't hardly hear 
Soakin' my false teeth 
Straightenin' my hairpiece 
Six different meds now, chase 'em with beer 

Wastin' away again in Metamuciville 
Searchin' for the lost key to my car 
So freakin' lame, I guess my age is to blame 
I give up; I'll just hang at the bar 

My kids think I'm insane 
Can't remember my dog's name 
Not even sure I could tell you my own 
Under stress and overweight 
I need a new prostate 
Ain't had a woody since 2001 

Wastin' away again in Metamuciville 
Found my keys, but where is my car? 
So freakin' lame I guess my age is to blame 
What the hell.  Let's go back to the bar 


Paisley shirts and checkered pants 
Strikin' out at the Seniors Dance 
Charge up the scooter so I can get home 
Sick of watchin' the TV, so I 
Booked a flight to Tahiti 
Got lost in the airport, wound up in Rome 

Wastin' away again in Metamuciville 
Can't find my car (or was it a truck?) 
So freakin' lame I guess my age is to blame 
Gettin' old, man does it suck 

Yes and, ain't it a shame, I guess my age is to blame 
Gettin' old; oh boy does it suck.