Baby, Everything Ain't All Right. Not Quite...

By now, I figure that everyone has heard the story of how the song Yesterday was originally just a melody, with no lyrics, and that the Beatles (McCartney?  Lennon? I'm not sure which one) used “Scrambledeggs” as the temporary title.  It probably wouldn't have even charted if they'd left the title as is.

Here's some other titles that weren't quite ready for release.  See if you can figure out what songs they eventually became…

Sweet Home South Dakota
Escalator to Heaven
I Left My Foot in San Francisco
Could It Be I'm Falling In Like?
My Best Friend's Squirrel
Smells like Hai Karate
Piano Guy
I'm a Beekeeper
Hey, Mr Glockenspiel Man
Pastor Of Muppets
Old Round Toad