Album Trivia #2: Fixin' Ta Lernya, Don't Wanna Concernya!

I am, literally, a Florida Man (Song #6 on my album "gettin' deep"). Lifelong Florida resident, born and raised here. So I hope my fellow natives will let me get away with a little fun trash-talking toward my own home state. In a way, I'm actually poking fun at myself!

I'm pretty sure you've heard of the term Florida Man by now. This song is an absurd tribute to all of the crazy stories that supposedly could only happen down here in the Sunshine State. I mean heck, what an easy target!

Trivia: I faked the voices of the various 'NPR news reporters' with Text-To-Speech software.  So, no humans were harmed in this musical production.

More trivia:  After recording the lead vocal, I raised it by one octave. Seems more authentic that way, for some reason.

Even more trivia:  As I was recording the lead vocal, I was trying to channel a guy named Caleb, who was a character in a very forgettable drive-in horror movie from the 70s. Caleb was a gigantic schizoid gardener/handyman in denim overalls who was cursed with the unfortunate combination of a bad attitude, a single-digit IQ, and easy access to a multitude of farm implements.  Right before he would unleash his inbred fury on some luckless traveler with a dead car battery at 3AM, he'd say colorful things like "Mama said ya bin bad. Gonna hafta lern ya sum manners now wif this here crowbar.".  That kinda stuff.  Needless to say, the movie didn't have a very happy ending.

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