The Year The Earth Stood Still

"Klaatu Birada Nikto". The famous phrase that commands Gort, the alien robot, to go out in search of more toilet paper and Purell. Lately, the 50s-era sci-fi classic The Day The Earth Stood Still seems appropriate for the COVID-19 era. One silver lining (titanium lining, if you're an alien robot): Drive-In movie theaters are making a minor comeback! I really like that. Appropriately, by the way: at the end of TDTESS, the aliens all died - from an Earthborne virus.

Fortunately, I actually have plenty to keep me busy (other than the honey-dos that I can't always avoid). I've learned eight new cover tunes this month, and I'm planning many more during my down time. I'm making my own backing tracks for some of them from scratch, which takes quite a while. I also have several video clips in the can, which I plan to edit and post to this website and my Youtube pages sometime later.

I hope that any of you who are reading this also have diversions from this terrible pandemic. Hopefully you are not one of the sick, and are being supremely careful about not getting sick, and not infecting others. An upbeat attitude is probably a good idea; positive thoughts are proven to help keep us healthy. So learn an instrument, paint a bedroom, teach the kids how to throw a football, watch a comedy, or dust off the old video game console. In fact, I keep meaning to do that very thing, but happily, I've been too busy (imagine that!). I suppose that if I ever do fire up my old Playstation, there's gonna be a virtual "Fallout 3" character that I left stranded alone near the lighthouse of a remote island four years ago who is probably very mad at me by now. But hey, at least he won't have the virus, and if he does, we're all in much bigger trouble than we thought. 

However you pass the time while socially distancing yourself, stay safe and check back with me on this website from time to time. And above all else, never, EVER look directly at robots that have lasers for eyes.