Album Trivia #1 - It's YUUUUUGE!

When I was a kid, I loved those stupid/fun Atomic Bug Movies. Yeah, they're awful, but I've always had a soft spot for the concept of big critters stepping on buildings. The last song on the album, Gojira, is my instrumental tribute to the "Japanese Giant Monster Movie" genre.

Gojira  (ゴジラ)  is the original, proper, Japanese spelling and pronunciation (Go-Jee-rah) of what we Americans call Godzilla. The name is a hybrid of the Japanese words for "gorilla" and "whale". So then, what we have here is your basic 400-foot tall gorilla-whale with radioactive halitosis. Yeah. That. Which explains why he looks like an enourmous... lizard?  Anyway, listen for the Asian-inspired sounds and melodies sprinkled around in my somewhat intense yet completely silly reptili-opus. Six-stringed musical destruction. Just the right way to finish such a fun album! Man, how I love this stuff.

Some trivia for my fellow guitar-geeks: At 2:02, right before the guitar solo is a gutteral snarl followed by a couple of shrieks. It was all done by a heavily distorted guitar with a whammy bar through a delay, with lots of reverb.

By the way, the monster in the photo above singing 3-part harmonies next to the supersized Les Paul is not Gojira. It's Ghidora (Gee-Door-Uh), AKA "Monster Zero". Gojira is much more the Fender type. Never mind. Check the album out HERE!