Desert Island Edition

Not that you asked for it, but here, in no particular order, is my list of ten “Desert Island” albums; the ones that could possibly keep me entertained enough to not have to talk to a soccer ball. Never mind that there'd be no electrical power for my turntable, though maybe I could do the Gilligan's Island pedal-powered bit. Nah; I'm too lazy to use an exercise bike.

Aja     Steely Dan

Pictures At Eleven     Robert Plant

Live In The Air Age     Be Bop Deluxe

What If (or Free Fall or Night Of The Living Dregs)    Dixie Dregs

Suspended Animation     John Petrucci

Moving Pictures (or Permanent Waves or 2112 or Hemispheres)     Rush

Queen 2     Queen

Physical Graffiti (or Houses Of The Holy or Presence)    Led Zeppelin

Jailbreak     Thin Lizzy

Overnight Sensation (or Apostrophe)    Frank Zappa

By the way, I always thought that the movie Cast Away should have ended differenly. Like this:  After years on the island, faithfully protecting the FedEx box that washed ashore with him from the wrecked plane while being careful never to open it, Tom Hanks finally makes it back to civilization.  He drives across the country to the address that was labeled on the box, and hands the package to a woman at the door. She opens it in front of him, and says “Wow, I completely forgot that I had ordered that satellite phone and GPS from Amazon!”.